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Command line interface โ€‹


The information on this page is outdated. It will not work in conjunction with the new syntax. Please use the new Docker-based installation method described here.

The command line interface, SmartPy CLI, also known as smartpy-cli, has been introduced in the following outdated Medium Post.

Installation โ€‹

The SmartPy CLI can be installed in two ways: the direct installation or through a project.

Direct Installation โ€‹

To install the current CLI:

bash <(curl -s <[email protected]: ../../site_url-->cli/

Project Management โ€‹

See Getting Started/Project Management.

Check version โ€‹

This command tells which CLI version is installed.

~/smartpy-cli/ --version

Dependencies โ€‹

The SmartPy CLI depends on python3 and Node.js.

It also depends on

  • pdoc for Python template documentation.

Execution โ€‹

Executing a SmartPy Script with its tests โ€‹

SmartPy.shย test โ€‹

Perform tests defined in a script (see Tests and Scenarios).

~/smartpy-cli/ test <script> <output-directory>

This includes many outputs: types, generated michelson code, pretty-printed scenario, etc.

Compiling Contracts and Expressions โ€‹

SmartPy.shย compile โ€‹

Compute the Compilation Targets defined in a script.

# For a SmartPy script:
~/smartpy-cli/ compile <script> <output-directory>


# For a SmartPy script:
~/smartpy-cli/ compile /tmp/welcome

Custom Targets โ€‹

SmartPy.shย kindย <kind>ย <script>ย <output-directory> โ€‹

Similar to tests. Perform scenarios defined in a script introduced by the custom target.

# For a SmartPy script:
~/smartpy-cli/ kind <kind> <script> <output-directory>

Documentation โ€‹

SmartPy.shย docย <script>ย <output-directory> โ€‹

Document Python code with pdoc.

Deploying a contract โ€‹

# Using Micheline format (.tz)

~/smartpy-cli/ originate-contract --code --storage --rpc

# Using Michelson format (.json)

~/smartpy-cli/ originate-contract --code code.json --storage storage.json --rpc

# By default, the originator will use a faucet account.
# But you can provide your own private key as an argument

~/smartpy-cli/ originate-contract --code code.json --storage storage.json --rpc --private-key edsk...

CLI optional arguments โ€‹ takes several optional arguments.

See Flag for list of flags and protocols.

--purgeEmpty the output directory before writing to it.
--htmlAdds .html outputs such as a log.html which is identical to the output panel in the Web IDE.
--<flag> argumentsSet some flag with arguments.
--<flag>Activate some boolean flag.
--no-<flag>Deactivate some boolean flag.
--mockupRun in mockup (experimental, needs installed source).
--sandboxRun in sandbox (experimental, needs installed source).