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Checking conditions ​

Asserts ​

Check that the boolean expression condition evaluates to True and raises an error if it doesn’t. This is useful to prevent an entry point from proceeding if certain conditions are not met (e.g. in a contract that manages accounts a client cannot withdraw more money than they deposited).

An optional parameter message is raised if condition is not met. When message is not present, an exception of the form WrongCondition: ... is raised depending on the Exception Optimization Level.

sp.verify(cond,Β message=None)
Check that a condition is True and otherwise raises an exception with message.

sp.verify(condition, message = "Condition `<condition>` is false")

Equality Checking ​

sp.verify_equal(v1, v2,Β message=None)
Checks that v1 and v2 are equal and of the same types. This works on both comparable and non-comparable types as long as the types are packable.

sp.verify_equal(v1, v2, message = "Condition `<condition>` is false")