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Raising exceptions โ€‹

Once an exception is raised, it cannot be caught.

Error messages may take a lot of space in smart contracts.

Have a look at Exception Optimization Levels.

Exceptions cannot be caught, the whole operation is backtracked if an exception occurs.


sp.failwith aborts the current transaction and raises a message of arbitrary type.

def ep(self):
    sp.if > 10:
        sp.failwith("x is bigger than 10")

Besides sp.failwith, sp.verify and sp.verify_equal, exceptions can also be raised by other constructions:

  • Accessing fields my_map[x]

    The exception raised is a pair containing the (x, my_map).

  • Opening variants .open_some(<message>)

    This may fail with sp.unit.

  • Dividing by zero 1ย /ย 0

  • Variable step in a range which is 0 sp.for i in sp.range(1,ย 10,ย stepย =ย 0)

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