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Using SmartPy with VSCode / other IDE โ€‹

When you use SmartPy outside the web ide, you may encounter some problems:

  • the SmartPy library is not recognized by your ide
  • some SmartPy syntaxes are not understood

The purpose of this article is to help you to solve these problems.

Command line interface โ€‹

The command line interface documentation can be found here.

SmartPy import โ€‹

VSCode โ€‹

If you see the following error:

Import "smartpy" could not be resolved. Pylance(reportMissingImports).

You can add SmartPy to extra paths as explained here.

The easiest way to do this is to create a file .vscode/settings.json in the workspace's settings with the contents:

  "python.analysis.extraPaths": ["<>"]

Python syntax โ€‹

SmartPy is written in Python except for some syntactic sugar.

If you want your ide to recognize the Python syntax, you can desugar it by using the following transformation rules:

SmartPy onlyPure Python
sp.ifย <condition>:with sp.if_(<condition>):
sp.else:with sp.else_():
sp.forย <element>ย inย <elements>:with sp.for_("<element>",ย <elements>)ย asย <element>:

For example:

sp.for member in members:
    sp.if[member] += 1
    sp.else:[member] = 1

Can be de-sugar into:

with sp.for_("member", members) as member:
    with sp.if_([member] += 1
    with sp.else_():[member] = 1

Both code are equivalent. The second is a valid Python code so your linter will agree with it.

Compilation and testing โ€‹

Compilation and testing will be performed using the command line interface, see cli.

Note that you can obtain the scenario output panel with the --htmloptional argument. If will give you an html file that you can open in your favorite browser.